Movember - A very worthy cause

How did the Movember Mo Masters Series start?

“Robert Dunne who’s the Country Director for Movember had the idea to start the Mo Masters based off a tournament run at Shandon Golf Club in Wellington. They used to have a charity day there where they’d raise funds for a certain cause.”

“One day they invited Rob down there to raise money for Movember, and he absolutely loved what they did down there. After the event he thought to himself: ‘An event like this could get a lot bigger’, which is where the Mo Masters Golf Series originated.”

“He wanted to develop into a national series that raised funds for men’s health, and from this it’s taken off.”


Why golf?

“Golf has a lot of reasons for being great for Movember.”

“First and foremost, you’re spending four to five hours out on the course so everyone is getting some exercise which obviously a big part of men’s health. But you also get the added benefit of spending a lot of time with your mates.”

“Our series tagline is: ‘Golf with your mates, for your mates’, so the idea there is you’re outside raising money for men’s health.”

“We always say in our speeches a big aspect to this series is getting everyone out on the course away from their ruts at work and out of your weekly program.”

“There are a lot of stats around females are a lot better at talking if they’re ever feeling down or just want to have a yarn and always making sure that they’re in touch, whereas men tend to just get on with it. The whole idea of the golf series is to get everyone out there and cover some topics they feel they need to have a yarn about.”


So the social aspect is obviously massive for you guys?

“Absolutely, we really try and plug the series as a fun aspect despite the awesome carrot of each winner getting a trip down to Queenstown to play Millbrook. But ultimately we want everyone out there having a chat and covering some topics.”


How long has the series been running now?

“We’re into our second year. 2017 was our first year where we started off with about 13 tournaments, and this year we’re looking to have about 16 hopefully. We’re really keen to keep building it.”


What is the ultimate goal with the series? Where would you like to see it go?

“We haven’t really discussed where our end goal is and what it looks like to be honest. We’re more focusing on the now and trying to become a truly national golf series in New Zealand that’s hugely popular.”

“We would like to see at least 80 percent of the tournaments have full fields very soon, and we’re not very far away from that.”

“I think as this series continues to be in action, word of mouth will get around and we will get busier and busier.”

“Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see this grow into an Australasian series or even a worldwide series. Movember has different headquarters around the world in places like the U.K, Australia, Canada, and America. It’d be really cool if we could get a couple of series happening in every country and we could have a global final for the Mo Masters Golf Series.”

That’s very much in the future at this stage, we’re just focusing on growing it in New Zealand first.”


What’s the reception been like for those who’ve played in these events? How have they enjoyed it?

“It’s been awesome. Both Rob and I were keen golfers but not the best golfers in the entire world obviously, but we were honestly really surprised by the initial uptake.”

“We basically haven’t made any changes to the rules or the way the tournaments have been run from when we first started running these sorts of tournaments which is a testament to some of the ideas that Rob took away from that first event in Wellington he went to at Shandon Golf Club.”

“With the few different and innovative rules in our events, the feedback has been really great which has been awesome to hear.”


Why should businesses get behind and support what you guys are trying to do? What’s in it for them?

“Aside from it being for a really good cause, we really push for our days to be fun and enjoyable for all that attend them.”

“It’s about showing all the corporates and all the businesses that come along is that we know how to run a bloody good day and a really fun event to be a part of that’s a little bit different to your traditional golf event.”

“Anyone can come along, you don’t have to have a handicap or have any experience playing golf. We welcome all Mo Bros and all Mo Sisters. We can almost guarantee you’ll have a fun day out on the links.”


How did you personally get involved in the Mo Masters Golf Series?

“Rob is my brother so that’s why I got hired [laughs].”

“But no, I think he saw what I can bring to the series through my experiences at university. I did a couple of sports internships in Christchurch in sports marketing. I think he thought he had the right experience to help me push the Movember Mo Masters series in the right direction and help with the Movember events and this was one of the first ones we got going.”