The Tiger Effect

by Hayden McCallum on October 02, 2018

After his recent success at the final stop of the PGA Tours 2017/18 season the Tour Championship, there’s no denying the effect Tiger Woods has on our game.

After a long absence from the winner circle, well known sporting figures were calling for Tiger’s retirement.

When Golf Presenter Brandel Chamblee was asked “do you think Tiger Woods can compete with the likes of Justin Thomas, Jordan Speith, and Dustin Johnson?” Chamblee replied “No, is the short answer.”

Tiger certainly proved him wrong.

Watching Tiger Woods walk up the 18th hole at East Lake knowing he had the tournament all but sewn up was a sight to behold. The scene was absolutely breathtaking. Thousands of people flooded the fairways just to see him sink the final putt. I can honestly say I felt privileged watching him stroll up to the green.

The only other sporting event where I felt in awe of what I was watching was Roger Federer winning the 2017 Australian Open. We all thought he was done, and like Tiger, he proved us all wrong.

I’m sure there are a few sporting events that did this for other people, but for me, these two take the cake.

Tiger had the whole sporting world standing still, watching him get it done for the 80th time. This could be a controversial statement, but I honestly believe Tiger is the most powerful figure in the sporting world. Not many other sportsmen or sportswomen draw people to their sport, like Tiger draws golfers to golf.

Back in his ‘glory days’, people watched him because he was creating history. Now, he’s a comeback story. After everything he’s been through in the past decade, people are now hanging on to hope that he’ll be able to do it again.

In my opinion, Tiger winning the Tour Championship is one of the greatest, if not the greatest sporting comeback in history.

Just imagine if he won another major. Now that he’s got a win under his belt with his new and improved body and golf swing, I don’t think it’s as unimaginable as it once was.

Watch out Jack, Tiger’s coming, and he’s got the whole world behind him.

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