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The Clubroom Fitting Experience - James Colligan

Elevate Your Game with our Golf Club Fitting Service

The Clubroom is the home of golfing excellence. Our custom pro shop provides a premium range of golf equipment and expert advice to golfers at any level. Here at The Clubroom, we pride ourselves on the culture and environment we’ve created and the experience we provide our customers.

We now have three NZ-based golf retail stores to share our decades of combined experience in the golf industry with NZ’s fellow golf nuts! We’re are in an exciting growth phase and continually looking at how we can provide our customers with a first-class golf retail experience.

What to Expect at Your Golf Fitting

Golf club fitting is a personalised process aimed at optimising a golfer's equipment to match their unique swing characteristics and physical attributes.

It involves a thorough assessment of the player's swing mechanics, such as clubhead speed, ball flight tendencies, and impact position. Additionally, factors like body measurements, hand size, and preferred feel are taken into account.

At The Clubroom we offer the complete custom golf fitting experience. We use the latest in launch monitor technology from Foresight Sports along with decades of combined experience in the golf industry.

Our master golf fitters then take and analyse this data and recommend the ideal specifications for club length, loft, lie angle, shaft flex, and grip size.

At The Clubroom we ensure each and every club you buy from us is perfectly tuned for your swing. Our goal is to enhance consistency, accuracy, and distance, ultimately improving your overall performance on the course.

Take the opportunity to feel like a tour pro with totally customised equipment to bring out the best in your game.

How important is your lie angle?

Damian McKenzie joined Davey during his PING Blueprint S Iron Fitting to learn more about it!