The 2024 lineup of Scotty Cameron Phantom mallet Putters represents a significant advancement in putter technology, focusing on alignment, stability, and feel to meet the demands of modern golfers. Here's an overview of the key features and models:

Key Features:

  1. Alignment-Infused Designs: The new Phantom putters feature alignment systems based on feedback from tour players. These alignment cues, ranging from sight dots to arrow-shaped lines, help golfers align their putters more effectively at address.

  2. Re-Engineered Multi-Material Construction: Crafted from 303 stainless steel and integrated with lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum components, the multi-material designs provide added stability and solid feel while optimizing vibration damping technology.

  3. Dual-Milled Face Technology: Scotty's dual-milled face technology ensures better sound and feel, combining deep-milled softness with the consistency of mid-milled offerings for a tour-inspired look and feel.

  4. Phantom Weighting & Shafts: Each putter features performance weighting with customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights (tungsten for specific models) and stepless steel shafts for optimal performance.

  5. Custom-Designed Full Contact Grip: The new full contact paddle-style grip is uniquely shaped for increased contact and comfort, promoting improved face angle awareness. Its "chain link" texture ensures a reliable grip in all conditions.

  6. Finish & Graphics: Phantom putter heads undergo Scotty’s silver mist process for a glare-resistant appearance. Aluminum components are misted and anodized in a black aluminum finish. The design features Scotty's familiar three-dot theme and engravings painted in shades of asphalt, dove gray, and dark gray.


  1. Phantom 5: Compact shape with refined wing angles for enhanced alignment. Mid-bend shaft and blade-like feel.

  2. Phantom 5.5: Updated head shape with a jet neck for players seeking alignment features of a mallet with toe-flow of a blade.

  3. Phantom 5s: Nearly-face balanced with a straight shaft and zero offset, offering a compact mallet shape with unobstructed view of the face.

  4. Phantom 7: Tour-proven design with updated contours, longer wings, and new sight dot alignment for enhanced stability and MOI.

  5. Phantom 7.5: Incorporates a jet neck for a stable, high-MOI mallet, available in a left-handed version.

  6. Phantom 9: Completely re-designed shape with long sight lines for improved alignment and forgiveness, featuring a mid-bend shaft.

  7. Phantom 9.5: Matches the Phantom 9's shaping and alignment cues with a toe-flow promoting jet neck.

  8. Phantom 11: Face balanced, multi-material mallet with stable mid-bend shaft and new arrow alignment features.

  9. Phantom 11.5: Designed for players seeking alignment features and MOI properties of the Phantom 11, with a low-bend shaft, available in left-handed version.

  10. Phantom 11 Long Design (38-inch): Counterbalanced model with a longer, heavier grip and custom-designed stiffer mid-bend shaft for a more stable stroke.


The Phantom 5, 5.5, 5s, 7, 7.5, 9, and 9.5 models are available worldwide in Titleist authorized golf shops as of March 29, 2024. The Phantom 11, 11.5, and Phantom 11 Long Design will be available from May 17, 2024, with the Phantom 11.5 also offered as a left-handed option.

With these innovative features and diverse models, the 2024 Scotty Cameron Phantom lineup aims to provide golfers with the tools they need to enhance their putting performance on the course.