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 At The Clubroom, we take pride in offering the most advanced golf technology for avid golfers in New Zealand. Our selection of rangefinder binoculars NZ golfers trust is unparalleled, providing you with exceptional accuracy when it comes to determining distances on the course. We stock the best golf rangefinder NZ has to offer, ensuring you're equipped with the latest devices for a seamless game experience. Additionally, we provide an array of rangefinder binoculars designed to elevate your golfing prowess and keep you ahead of the competition.

Looking for a stylish and functional golf watch NZ golfers rely on? Look no further! Our extensive range includes a variety of high-quality golf watches, which are designed to improve your game with their advanced features and sleek design. For those seeking a top-notch golf GPS watch, our collection has been meticulously curated to ensure you find the perfect match for your needs. At The Clubroom, we're dedicated to providing the ultimate golf experience, helping you elevate your game and enjoy every moment on the course.

At The Clubroom we offer a wide range of GPS & Rangefinders. With brands such as Bushnell, Sureshot, Garmin & Voice Caddie.

The use of GPS & Rangefinders will help improve your game and help you achieve  lower scores with the latest advancements in golf technology.

At The Clubroom it is important we find something for you that will fine tune your game by providing the best selection of the latest technology.

GPS & Rangefinders



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