Bridgestone Golf has recently unveiled its new 2024 TOUR B family of golf balls, boasting the innovative REACTIV X System. This system aims to provide an optimal blend of distance and greenside spin and control, setting a new benchmark in Bridgestone's Contact Science.

The 2024 TOUR B family comprises four distinct models tailored to different swing speeds: TOUR B X and TOUR B XS for swings exceeding 105 mph, and TOUR B RX and TOUR B RXS for swings under 105 mph.

The REACTIV X System represents the culmination of extensive research and development, integrating a REACTIV IQ cover with an EXCLRNT mid-layer. This combination enhances performance by adjusting the ball's characteristics based on impact velocity. The cover becomes firmer on aggressive tee shots for increased ball speed and distance, while it softens on scoring shots with wedges and short irons to facilitate spin and shot-stopping control.

In previous iterations, REACTIV technology introduced impact modifiers in the urethane cover to tailor its response to each shot's velocity. With REACTIV IQ, the cover was further refined to optimize performance for different player types across the TOUR B lineup. Now, with the addition of the XCLRNT mid-layer, the REACTIV X System provides an even more refined experience, enhancing shot-stopping spin around the greens and optimizing energy transfer from the core for increased ball speed and distance.

Tiger Woods played a pivotal role in the development process, offering valuable insights and feedback to Bridgestone's engineers. His preference for the TOUR B X over the XS model, driven by a desire for additional distance off the tee, underscores the effectiveness of the new design.

The TOUR B lineup with the REACTIV X System caters not only to high-speed swingers like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Matt Kuchar, and Chris Gotterup but also to players with lower swing speeds. Fred Couples, for instance, will be using the TOUR B RX in 2024, following extensive work with Bridgestone's fitting team.

The involvement of Tour Staff players in the R&D process highlights the importance of custom fitting and the adaptability of ball selection as players' game variables change over time. This collaborative approach ensures that each golfer, regardless of skill level, can benefit from the optimal performance offered by the new TOUR B lineup.