Titleist Introduces New Vokey Design SM10 Wedges

Titleist’s new Vokey Design SM10 wedges are engineered to produce a lower, more controlled flight with improved feel and maximum spin – advancing the performance of the game’s most played wedges through an unrelenting focus on Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s three keys to great wedge play.

  • Shot versatility: The Vokey Design SM10 family comprises six different tour-proven sole grinds (F, S, M, K, T and D) – with a total of 25 unique loft, bounce and grind combinations – allowing every golfer the opportunity to find their optimal wedge setup. Properly fit wedges that complement a golfer’s swing type and course conditions help unlock creativity around the greens and achieve proper turf interaction and contact.

“I always tell players that the most important club in the bag is confidence,” Vokey said. “Getting fit for each of your wedges, and learning how to use them in different situations, is one of the fastest ways to gain confidence around the green.”

  • Precise distance and trajectory control: SM10 wedges feature new progressive center of gravity placements through the lofts. The result is a lower, more controlled trajectory, more solid feel, and tighter dispersion from the lowest-lofted wedge to the highest.
  • Maximum spin: Vokey Design’s patented Spin Milled process has been refined to deliver higher, more consistent spin. Each TX9 groove is individually cut based on loft and finish and treated with high frequency heat to maximize durability.

Vokey Design wedges have been the most played wedge on the PGA TOUR since 2004, with Vokey models accounting for more than half of the wedges in play throughout the 2022-23 PGA TOUR season.  

The 2024 season started with Vokey SM10 as the most played wedge on the PGA TOUR, with 20 players making the immediate move to the new models at The Sentry, including Jordan Spieth (46.10F, 52.08F, 56.10S, 60.04T) and Max Homa (46.10F, 50.12F, 56.14F, WedgeWorks 60L). 

“The best players in the world know exactly what they want from their wedges. The smallest details matter to them and they are very specific when it comes to describing the improvements they want to see,” said Aaron Dill, Director of Vokey Player Relations. “Their feedback is invaluable. We are constantly learning from them and it’s that constant collaboration which allows us to get even better with each new generation.”   

The tour launch of SM10 continued two weeks later at The American Express, with Dill back behind his grinding wheel on the Titleist Tour Truck. When players teed off Thursday, Vokey SM10 was once again the clear favorite. Of the gap, sand and lob wedges in play at PGA West, 251 (55%) were Vokey wedges and 135 (29%) were SM10. Thirty-nine players, including Justin Thomas (46.10F, 52.12F, 56.14F, 60.04T), played at least one new Vokey SM10 wedge for the first time. The same week on the DP World Tour, Cameron Young added four new SM10’s (Vokey SM10 48.10F, 52.12F, 58.08M & 60.04T @62).   

Wyndham Clark (46.10F, 50.08F, 56.10S, WedgeWorks 59A), Will Zalatoris (50.08F, 54.10S, 60.04T), Tom Kim (46.10F, 52.12F) and Ludvig Åberg (60.08M) are also among the more than 100 players on the PGA TOUR and DP World Tour that have already played new SM10’s in competition.  

“I flight my wedges really low,” said Jordan Spieth. “And as I got to the gap wedge and the pitching wedge (with SM10), I saw some more consistency in the flight, especially on the draw intent shots, just kind of holding a little straighter… kind of that more pinch-ier flight without it over-hooking. That’s always a benefit when we're looking at these left pins and trying to attack them.”  

“I think (wedge fitting) it’s as important as getting fit for a driver,” Spieth said. “I mean, these are your scoring clubs. You can do all you want, you can drive it to 100 yards all day off the tee, but if you don't have the ability to get it in the hole from there or really feel like you have confidence in your wedge play, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good. Someone might beat you that’s not driving it as well. So it’s extremely important, also because there’s just so many different options now between lofts, lies and especially grinds. You could think you’re in the right one and all of a sudden you grab a different grind and you're like, man, OK, this is actually where I'm struggling with this one shot, and all of a sudden now I have it back.”