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The all new MLM2PRO™ mobile launch monitor + golf simulator. Dual optical camera vision + radar processing for precision accuracy

Meet MLM2PRO. It's time to upgrade your game.

MLM2PRO™ is a launch monitor and golf simulator designed for complete visibility into your game. Stacked with two advanced cameras plus Doppler Radar to provide video feedback and precise measurement on all golf shots. Pair MLM2PRO with any Android, Apple phone, or tablet to record multiple angles of your swing and watch your golf game grow.

Impact Vision

Utilizing a 240-fps global shutter camera, Impact Vision captures each shot and provides club and ball images on impact to help golfers better understand swing path and face contact.

Shot Vision

Using a wide-angle camera, the Shot Vision camera records videos with shot trace technology that maps the flight of the ball for every shot.

Video Replay

Seeing is believing. Rapsodo Vision combines replay of slow motion impact along with a down the line shot view with Shot Trace. MLM2PRO helps you understand more about your golf swing and how to fix it.

Shot Storage

MLM2PRO stores every shot for easy comparison and progress analysis. A Premium Membership allows you to view history of both a slow motion Impact Vision replay, along with Shot Vision with shot trace for each shot. 

Shot Dispersion by Club

MLM2PRO shows you an aerial view of your shot dispersion for deeper insights into how you hit the ball with each of your clubs giving you more confidence with your club selections when on the course.

Rapsodo Combines

Award winning Rapsodo Combines let you evaluate your entire game on the range in 20 minutes or less. Prioritize areas for improvement and create more informed, smarter practice plans.

Carry the course anywhere.

MLM2PRO is also a golf simulator that allows users to play more than 30K virtual courses anytime and anywhere. Included free with the purchase of MLM2PRO for the first year, get the MLM2PRO Premium Membership ($199 value) which unlocks access to Rapsodo Courses, the Rapsodo Virtual Range, plus other exclusive membership features like Rapsodo Combines.


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